1. Establishment of a Think Tank Committee made up of Consultants, NEPAD Nigeria staff and Staff of NEPAD Continental Office who understudied NEPAD Nigeria and produced a Strategic framework document and work plan for repositioning NEPAD Nigeria.
  2. Restructuring of NEPAD Nigeria Office and building Staff Capacity through the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).
  3. Upgrading NEPAD Nigeria website to make the Office visible to Nigerians and other stakeholders.
  4. Repositioning Nigeria on its leadership position in the Continent by ensuring Nigeria’s participation in Continental processes, Summits and Meetings.
  5. Reconnecting NEPAD Nigeria office with the continental Office and aligning NEPAD Nigeria’s programmes to that of the continental Secretariat.
  6. Establishment of synergy between NEPAD Nigeria and all relevant MDAs
  7. Re-establishing the NEPAD Focal Point and Stakeholders platform by establishing   NEPAD Desks at all MDAs and conversing meetings of NEPAD Focal Point Officers, NEPAD State Coordinators and relevant stakeholders.
  8. Re-establishment of NEPAD State Coordinators forum for proper coordination, monitoring and reporting the implementation of NEPAD/ APRM programmes and projects 

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