Build an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa driven by its own citizens and representing a  dynamic force in the  global arena.


Work with  African countries, both individually and collectively towards sustainable growth and development.


  • To eradicate poverty
  • To place African countries, both individually and collectively, on a path of sustainable growth and development
  • To halt the marginalisation of Africa in the globalisation process
  • To enhance its full and beneficial integration into the global economy
  • To accelerate the empowerment of women


NEPAD Nigeria office has the mandate to identify and work with partners in the public and private sectors, including the Civil Society and International Organisations operating in Nigeria, to develop, implement and promote NEPAD programmes at the country level.

The Framework

The repositioning drive led to the development of a 6R Strategy for NEPAD Nigeria:
  • Re-orient - Develop and communicate a strategic agenda and direction for NEPAD Nigeria
  • Restructure - Review organisation design and restructure in line with strategic agenda
  • Recruit - Examine manpower requirements and fill gaps
  • Rehabilitate - Manage organisational transition and implement quick win programmes
  • Re-engage - Rebuild and strengthen partnerships with internal and  external stakeholders
  • Resource - Provide adequate funding for the Implementation of NEPAD Nigeria’s Programmes and activities

Strategic Direction

The strategic direction of the Agency is divided into six themes:

  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Climate Change and Natural Resource Management
  • Regional Integration and Infrastructure
  • Human development
  • Economic and Corporate Governance
  • Cross-Cutting Issues – Gender, ICT, Capacity Development and Communications 

Current Focus

  • To re-introduce NEPAD to the consciousness of Nigerians and non-Nigerians in our midst
  • To partner with the Federal MDAs, State and Local Governments, Private Sector, the International Community, NGOs and the Civil Society Organisations in implementing NEPAD programmes;
  • To introduce a robust partnership with the NEPAD and APRM Continental Secretariats and other countries to exchange ideas, share experiences and benefits from economics of scale; and
  • To ensure the successful completion of the Second Country Review in partnership with the National Steering Committee.

Quick wins Programmes

Courtesy visits to relevant MDAs:

  • MDGs Office  
  • Head of Civil Service of the Federation
  • National Planning Commission
  • Federal Ministry of Finance  
  • Federal Ministry of Justice
  • Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture
  • Upgrade the NEPAD Nigeria Website
  • Working Visits to selected African Countries
  • Mainstreaming of NEPAD Programmes
  • Visit of Special Adviser to selected States
  • NEPAD Trade Fair
  • Women and youth Empowerment
  • Persons with disability Empowerment Centre

Recent Activities

  • Establishment of a Think Tank Committee made up of Consultants, NEPAD Nigeria staff and Staff of NEPAD Continental Office who understudied NEPAD Nigeria and produced a Strategic framework document and work plan for repositioning NEPAD Nigeria.
  • Restructuring of NEPAD Nigeria Office and building Staff Capacity through the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).
  • Upgrading NEPAD Nigeria website to make the Office visible to Nigerians and other stakeholders.
  • Repositioning Nigeria on its leadership position in the Continent by ensuring Nigeria’s participation in Continental processes, Summits and Meetings.
  • Reconnecting NEPAD Nigeria office with the continental Office and aligning NEPAD Nigeria’s programmes to that of the continental Secretariat.
  • Establishment of synergy between NEPAD Nigeria and all relevant MDAs
  • Re-establishing the NEPAD Focal Point and Stakeholders platform by establishing   NEPAD Desks at all MDAs and conversing meetings of NEPAD Focal Point Officers, NEPAD State Coordinators and relevant stakeholders.
  • Re-establishment of NEPAD State Coordinators forum for proper coordination, monitoring and reporting the implementation of NEPAD/ APRM programmes and projects

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