NEPAD Agency Chief Executive Officer Dr Ibrahim Mayaki has been appointed as a new board member of the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM). He officially attended his first meeting during the 35th Board meeting held in Maastricht, Netherlands last week. Dr Mayaki who is also former Prime Minister of Niger will serve as a Member of the Board and Member of the Board Programme Committee.

Speaking on his appointment, Dr Mayaki said that he is confident that the partnership between the NEPAD Agency and ECDPM will be nurtured to further strengthen ECDMP’s extensive network of relations within Africa.
“I look forward to advancing the ideals of ECMDP and working within the board to effectively assist in the implementation of policies that will contribute to the transformation of African economies, including the rest of the developing and emerging economies,” he said.
The ECDPM Board of Governors is composed of policymakers, practitioners and specialists from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. The Executive Committee, among other things, reviews the mid-year and annual balance sheets and income and expenditure statements. The Programme Committee also oversees ECDPM’s substantial areas of work through the annual work plan and annual report.
ECDPM focuses on linking policy and practice in European development and international cooperation. Its main goal is to broker effective development partnerships between the European Union and the Global South, particularly Africa.