Smart Agro in partnership with Zukutiv Farms & LGs in Benue State

Project start date May 2014
Project end date March 2016
Short description

SMART Agriculture or farming, but not be restricted to, the following:-

• Application of integrated farming methods or agriculture
• Use of the principle of simplicity of machinery
• Use of spatially-enabled tools
• Adapting rural and other achievable technologies
• Efficient and timely management of resources
SMART, as used here is the acronym for “Smallholding Management of Accessible or Adaptable Rural Technologies” in Agriculture.

• It is the most feasible and realistic vehicle for the empowerment of the youth and other able-bodied persons
• Trainees exposed to opportunities arising from engagement in integrated agriculture which in simple terms is a system where nothing is allowed to waste; the so-called “waste” from one agricultural process or operation becomes an input for another (a.k.a. renewable energy systems)
• The ultimate result is to demonstrate that agriculture is a profitable venture (agribusiness)
• Trainees are imparted with sustainable knowledge, techniques and skills in integrated agriculture for optimum results
• Agriculture is demonstrably shown as a venture which is not all about tilling the soil and herein lies its beauty and attractiveness
• A new generation of youth farmers created to replace the declining population of aging farmers
• Farmers and entrepreneurs equipped to create greater leverage in the marketplace and attract business service providers and more efficiently link to urban and export markets
• Benue State to be a necessary early-comer to key-in to the FGNs mobile agro scheme under the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA)



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