Deepening the capacities of community organizations for peace in Benue state to effectively address conflicts involving pastoralists and farming communities

Project start date: May 2014

Project end date: April 2015
Short Description :



Towards the peaceful resolution and transformation of resource based conflicts in Benue State.


  • Building the capacity of farming and pastoralists communities in the target locations to address resource-based conflicts through: trainings, formation and mentoring of community peace groups, and youth association, in communities across Benue State.
  • Implementing initiatives to increase commitment among stakeholders including government, non-government and private sector actors through peace fora, town hall meetings, rallies and media sensitization towards addressing resource-based conflicts in the target communities
  • Enablement speedy resolution of violent conflicts in priority target locations.
  • Monitor and evaluate project outcomes every two months with a view to addressing intervention gaps, strengthening commitment to the project goal and objectives as well carryout an end-term evaluation to identify good practices to share with stakeholders.

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